Nano Tec™

Proven protection for your firearm.

About us

Nano Tec™ coating is specifically designed to bond with the surface of your firearm components on a molecular level in order to create an incredibly smooth yet extremely durable protective finish.

After years of research and development through advanced proprietary Nano Particle Technology, we not only claim to outperform any other protective coating in its class… we Guarantee it.

CCS, s.r.o. is the exclusive producer and distributor of Nano Tec USA, Inc. products. NANO TEC™ COMPLETE HG SYSTEM and NANO TEC™ COMPLETE LR SYSTEM for EU countries, GULF countries and Middle East.


  • Reduction / Elimination of Lubricants 
  • Reduce / Eliminate Cleaning Solutions 
  • Heat Resistant over 1900ºF
  • Reduces residue to avoid jams/misfires 
  • Keeps firearms looking new


  • Installation: 15 minute average
  • Tac Dry Time: 40 minutes
  • Cure Time: 96 hours
  • Air Dry
  • No U.V. Lights necessary
  • No High Temps necessary
  • Professional Install Available
  • Easy DIY Install Instructions Available
  • Warranty covers both install methods


  • Appearance: Clear
  • Pencil Hardness: 9H+
  • Temp. Resistance: over 1900ºF
  • Coverage: 3sq ft per 3mL
  • Chemical Resistance: Excellent
  • Impact (ASTM D2794): 80/80 in/lbs
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117): @ 35ºC (95ºF), 5% salt concentration, >400 Hours


The standard statutory warranty is for NANO TEC ™ COMPLETE HG SYSTEM and NANO TEC ™ COMPLETE LR SYSTEM for 2 years. After registration, the manufacturer and distributor provide an extended product warranty of 3 years.

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